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Created by Jonathan

mindfulness meditation Mindfulness

  • Price: 35 $
  • Language: English
  • Duration: 1 Hour

1. First we will with a brief mention and review of ground rules: confidentiality, respect, listening, openness, oops/ouch step up/step back and use of I statements etc

2. begin with a brief open-ended discussion about how to stay calm and what makes each one of us feel relaxed and at peace.

3. Next we will be asked to close our eyes, focus on our breathing and mantras, then escape mentally to another universe and pay attention to the sensations of each part of our body, mind and soul

4. listen to a soothing song to enhance the relaxation experience

5. breathing and mantras again

6. open our eyes and discuss our experiences

7. write a journal entry with a prompt and anyone can feel free to share but we don’t have to

8. inspirational quote and wrap up


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