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Created by Dawn

I have been an Entrepreneur for over 10 years. I'm an avid content creator and performer. I've contributed to CBS, as well as being a paid non-sag actress for Disney, Showtime, and more. I am a show producer and hostess, author, ordained minister, and Spiritual Couples Counselor. I love comedy, dancing and long phone calls with good friends. My favorite food is Mexican food, and I LOVE packing a suitcase and visiting some place new. I have a Real Estate License and I also Manage a Technology Sales Team and Several Beauty and Wellness Divisions.

Six Figure Earner Master Class…the Art of Entertaining Your Prospect With Relatable Circumstances of Everyday Life, In Order to Create Multiple Streams of Residual Income So You Can Live Your Best Life and Earn Money At the Same Time. At Home Business, Communication Skills, Dropshipping, Spirituality

  • Price: 25 $
  • Language: English
  • Duration: 1 Hour

As a living breathing human being navigating through this world, we want to actually enjoy all that the world has to offer us.  It’s sometimes difficult to handle the hustle and bustle of daily work routines, life’s daily responsibilities and any stresses that fit in between, which usually have something to do with a lack of money or wanting to find a way to make more money.  At the end of the day….if we want to navigate this world comfortably and materialistically we need money and the more of it we have the better we feel. Yes, it makes shopping fun, but in reality having an abundance of cash flow means we have a consistent roof above our heads, great food to choose from, warm clothes and the basic comforts of home….however big we want that home to be.

There is a struggle, an on going battle to break the chains that bind our abilities to be a six figure earner and beyond.  The truth is six figures, is only the beginning….If you can make $100,000 one time, you can do it ten times.  You just have to understand the art of doing it.  It cannot be done in chaos. A clearing must be created in order to receive abundance…where do you put abundance, when you don’t have some place to put it?

In this coarse you’ll learn how to declutter the chaos of life, so that you can create a clearing for an organized flow of income and Live Your Best Life.  When you unpack all that does not serve you, you will receive all that you do deserve.   There is a magnetic force inside of us but the blockage between us and what we want must be neutralized and evaporated so we can attract what we were born to have. We must certainly learn how to “Hunt and Gather”…..go and get it….make things happen, but it must be on our terms in order to make the most money.  When we do it under someone else terms, we are paid in appreciative dollars….and that just doesn’t make “sense”.  When we employ ourselves with opportunities, and create our own multiple streams of income we can live a satisfying and more fulfilling life, without being robbed of our time, mental strength, and or spiritual connectivity.


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