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Created by Jamie Bates

Jamie Bates

I have over 25 years of experience in the Real Estate and Land Development industry. In addition, I have my law degree and practiced law in both the Real Estate and Corporate practice settings.

My experience is varied from development of residential and commercial properties as well as working with private equity investors and lending institutions.

I am a graduate of Florida State University and the University of Denver College of Law.

I am now retired and would like to help aspiring individuals or seasoned real professionals expand their knowledge of the industry.

Introduction to Paralegal Profession Law for Business, Personal Growth

  • Price: 65 $
  • Language: English
  • Duration: 1 Hour

Introduction to Paralegal Profession

Course Description  

Are you looking for a career change?   Have you always wanted to work in the legal profession but do not have the time or money to attend law school?

Paralegals play an important role in a law practice.  Typically, the Paralegal is the direct line of communication between the Client, the Court, and the Attorney.   Also, Paralegals conduct legal research and writing, assist with trial preparation, and manage the organization of the law firm files.

This Course will give you the necessary tools to be prepared for your first Paralegal job.

The Course is broken up into 6 sessions with each session being 1 hour in length.

Course Outline

Class 1:  What is a Paralegal? 

–          Role of a Paralegal in law practice.

–          Difference between Paralegal, Legal Assistant, and Legal Secretary.

–          The Law Firm atmosphere.

–          Educational requirements.

–          Ethical requirements of a Paralegal.

–          Tips for getting the first job.

–          Read Handout #1

–          Practical Assignment #1

Class 2:    American Legal System and Structure of Court System

–          U.S. Federal Courts

–          State Courts

–          Local Courts

–          Common Law

–          Statutory Law

–          The difference between each level of Court

–          Read Handout #2

–          Practical Assignment #2

Class 3:  Paralegal in Civil Litigation

–          Demand Letter

–          Complaint

–          Summons

–          Discovery Procedures

–          Trial Preparation

–          Calendaring the dates.

–          Alternative Dispute Resolution

–          Read Handout #3

–          Practical Assignment #3

Class 4:   Paralegal Role in Practice Areas

–          Contracts

–          Torts

–          Real Property

–          Estate Planning

–          Family Law

–          Read Handout #4

–          Practical Assignment #4

Class 5:  Finding and Interpreting Statutory Law and Court Opinions

–          Online research tools

–          Library research tools

–          Is your case still good law?

–          Briefing a case (IRAC System)

–          Read Handout #5

–          Practical Assignment #5

Class 6:   Applying the Law to the Case

–          Parts of the Legal Memorandum

–          Drafting the Legal Memorandum

–          Materials to provide with Legal Memorandum

–          Dealing with “constructive criticism” with your writing

–          Read Handout #6

–          Practical Assignment #6

Course Materials

A.      PowerPoint Presentation Slides (Handout) with Discussion Points.

B.      Examples of certain legal documents and research materials.

C.      Practical Assignment using real world legal situations.


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