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Created by Robert

Robert Rugg-Hinds

I'm a professional bartender who's been working in New York cocktail bars and running bar programs for years. One of the great joys of my job is getting to share what I've learned with others, from breaking down advanced techniques to teaching people how to make great cocktails with basic items they have around their homes.

Easy Cocktails at Home! Mixology

  • Price: 40 $
  • Language: English
  • Duration: 45 Minutes

Great cocktails are easy to make at home — in fact, you probably already have better equipment for the purpose in your home than most bars do!  The secret is basic technique.  I’ll show you how to make different styles of cocktails using items you have around your house/apartment.  I’ll teach you about the differences between them and answer the questions you’ve always wanted to ask about the craft of bartending and mixology!


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