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Created by Jean-Robert


Starting as a freelancer in video postproduction, my interest has over time shifted towards interactive technologies. Now being close to someone with a graduate degree in computer science, I feel a strong interest towards the complex problems involed with AI and data science.
In the future, I would like to find new ways to integrate AI into interactive technologies as well as within the postproduction workflows of the past.

Technical Director specialized in: Interactive Multimedia • Virtual Reality • Augmented Reality 3D • Animation • Postproduction

Foundation for Video Game Animation: Introduction to Video Game Animation, Importing into Unreal Engine and Game Cinematics

  • Price: 395 $
  • Language: English

Animation is about bringing characters to life. This is a very demanding and competitive discipline, but for those of us in the field, all the hard work is worth that magic result: a character who seems to come to life on the screen.

The 3D Anmation Workshop I’ve created is divided into 2 parts, the Foundations of Animation track, and Video Game Animation.
This offer is for the Video Game Animation block.

The Foundations of Animation training consists of 4 blocks. These blocks give the foundations and skills to prepare students for success in the second part of the workshop. The second set of blocks, make up the Animation / Video Game Animation Programs. It’s recommended to fulfill both trainings, to be prepared to work in the industry.

Introduction to Game Animation
Animators learn what it takes to work in the ever changing gaming industry and how make assignments set in a game development environment. Students coming out of the courses will have essential demo reel material required for most video game animator positions for gameplay and cinematics. Students learn game theory, engines, and a basic understanding of pipeline. Students create player and enemy animations, using AnimSchool’s game character rigs. It’s about GAMING! Each week students should send their teacher a current export of their plotted animation (.fbx) to be viewed IN ENGINE and also provide a playblast from Maya from front, side. They should also be playing new games and come ready to discuss what they liked and didn’t like about it.

Game Animation Pipeline
Students learn about working within a game development pipeline using the Unreal Engine, while exploring new animation states that broaden their technical abilities. Students expand their moveset of player and enemy animations like pushing/pulling, climbing, and more!

Advanced Game Animation
Students create the story moments that make games memorable, put together a story sequence with existing and new animation, and study camera techniques to make game cinematics animations! They learn how to be fast and efficient with their animations along and learn how to apply to game studios.



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