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Created by Zulia

Zulia Barboza Neumann

My name is Zulia Barboza. I am Paraguayan, so my mother language is spanish. In 2012, I was awarded a scholarship from the taiwanese government to study in Taiwan for 5 years; 1 year of intensive mandarin-chinese language courses and 4 years of university degree. After I graduated in International Affairs and Diplomacy (program in english), I came back to Paraguay.
Besides Spanish, I also speak Guarani (official native languague of Paraguay), English, Chinese and Japanese.
I love learning languagues because it helps you to understand not only the culture of a country, but also a new way of thinking.
I believe learning languages can make you a more curious, understanding and open-minded person,
I have studied many languagues before, so I understand what it takes to master them and I am here to help you get there! Let's start learning! :D

English, Spanish or Chinese Language Learning Academic & Teaching, English, Languages, Spanish, Teaching English Online

  • Price: 15 $
  • Language: English
  • Duration: 1 Hour


Learning languagues can be tiring sometimes, but being able to speak them is extremely rewarding, right? I believe that people learn languages through 3 steps:

1. Memorize some vocabulary.

2. Understand the grammar.

3. Practice conversation.

Once you have learned some words in any language (1), the next step is to understand where to place them in a sentence (grammar)(2). Finally, you only need to practice conversation to be fluent (3).

Conversation pushes you to:

1. Listen to what a person is saying and try to understand the message.

2. Think how to answer. Remember words and place them correctly in a sentence.

Conversation helps you to:

1. Learn new words.

2. Know how to use words in a sentence.

3. Think fast to answer correctly.

I teach:

1. English-spanish, spanish-english,

2. English-chinese, chinese-english,

3. Chinese-spanish, spanish-chinese.

I can adapt to your level (essentials, intermediate or advanced) and your desired learning pace (slow, medium or fast) and start from there.

Let’s start learning! 😀


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