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Dog training for Puppies and New Dog Owners Dog Behaviour, Dog Care, Dog Training, For Pets, Lifestyle, Pet Care, Pet Training, Pets

  • Price: 40 $
  • Language: English
  • Duration: 1 Hour

Did you rencently adopted or got a puppy? It’s never to early or too late to train your pet!
This is a one-on-one course, designed to yours and your pet’s needs.
Before the day of our lesson, we will do a free assessment call so I can get to know you, the puppy and your environment. This assessment will help me design a proper training course for your dog and you.

Every lesson lasts 1 hour, after our first class I will be able to know approximately how many lessons we need to achieve basic training to its fullest. This means that 1 class is not enough to learn everything when it comes to basic training.

I hope you and your puppy enjoy this class! Dog care and training are my biggets passions, and being able to help others is a big reward.


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