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Created by PETER

Peter Bellantoni

Pete M. Bellantoni in Southwest, Florida has been a professional magician for decades performing for countless corporate and private events for the likes of highly esteemed companies such as Universal Studios, Absolute Vodka, NBC and Ferrari.
He is a close up sleight of hand artist and expert level stage illusionist.

Peters Specialty acts are the first ever of its kind, demonstrating with this his own pattented high end technology--- Peter is the world's first and only 7D Holographic Illusionist (that without the use of any 3D glasses or screens the audience is entertained with the meshing of expert sleight of hand and immersive(volumetric)holograms). The photorealistic holograms in Peters acts that are meshed seamlessly with sleight of hand and physical props create the most immersive, augmented reality and mind blowing entertainment available today!

  • Price: 35 $
  • Language: English
  • Duration: 30 Minutes

Full Course Activity Description:

Lesson 1:

History of magic/Magic as an art and science

Lesson 2:

Principals of magic and movement

-Basic sleight

-Misdirection in movement

-Black art


Lesson 3:

-Sleights with coins




Lesson 4:

-Rubber band Magic

-linking rubber bands

-restoring broken rubber bands

-rubber band dissapearances(up nose)

Lesson 5:

-Card Sleights

-Card forces

-Card control

-card productions

-card dissapearance

-card switches

Lesson 6:

-Lapping technique

-proper technique

-swallow a butter knife

-coins thru table

-glass thru table

-salt shaker dissapearance

Lesson 7

-Art of Mentalism and various effects

-predicted initials

-toxic method reveals

Lesson 8

-ending clean




-hold outs

Lesson 9

-Thumb tip magic

-Many uses with this amazing utility device

Lesson 10

Large stage illusions

Latest technologies and methodology



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