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Created by James

James Blain

As an immigrant’s child, my background is multiethnic; as a diplomat’s son, I have traveled the world. I worked at various jobs in five U.S. states and in three other countries. The work environments included office, warehouse, retail, publishing and education.

I hold an undergraduate anthropology degree from Florida State University and a graduate history degree from the University of West Georgia. I curated my own museum exhibit, wrote a docent manual, and volunteered at the traveling Titanic exhibit. I taught college-level history for over ten years and now tutor online.

  • Price: 10 $
  • Language: English
  • Duration: 1 Hour

I like to talk, and I also have a certificate in teaching English as a foreign language, so I decided to combine these into a conversational course. It isn’t set up as a course, really, but as a chat session. We will speak only in English and I will correct you as you speak, but there is no grading or testing. I have traveled around the world and have friends in various parts of the world, so I have experience conversing in different settings. My accent is American, Mid-Atlantic—some say I sound like a New Yorker. So let’s talk!


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