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Created by bhavani

Body Mind and Soul Yoga Teaching Online

New Port Richey
  • Price: 10 $
  • Language: English
  • Duration: 1 Hour

I have been leading Yoga and Meditation since 1979. With 40 years of experience- I went back to school last year for a refresher and higher degree.  Body Mind and Soul Yoga is also found under Interactive Online Yoga on the web. We profess to stretch the body, relax the mind and in turn rejuvenate the soul. This is extra ordinary from any Yoga class you have been to. I had extensive live in training with my Guru. Yoga is the exercise that enables you to sit still in meditation. I teach you energy work and how to quiet the mind. I am here for you with much knowledge on Chakras and Breath work. I lead with love, compassion  and an open heart. The session ends with sound therapy with Tibetan bowls !


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