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Teaching Spanish, my native language, is my life. I love sharing my language and culture with my students and helping them discover new worlds through language learning. Second to my love of teaching Spanish is my love of technology and integrating multimedia technology with language teaching. In fact, my teaching style and techniques are evolving daily as I learn through technology, by collaborating with my peers, and most importantly by interacting with my students. To me, a large part of teaching is figuring out how to address all the styles by which students learn. I am passionate about education because I am a lifelong learner myself who is currently studying Italian.

Introduction to the Cool Spanish Alphabet! Teaching Online

  • Price: 10 $
  • Language: Español
  • Duration: 45 Minutes

The way I teach this is: First I introduce students to the Spanish alphabet, provide the activity of how letters sound so students can write it, then we practice pronunciation together, after that we sing along with the alphabet video clip. After that is done we will review the letters that have double sound and students need to be careful because it has to be memorized. as a review, we will answer any questions students have about the alphabet and discuss how different or similar it is to the English alphabet.
For this lesson, students do not have to have a previous learning experience in Spanish but are encouraged to take a second session to reinforce the learning of vowels and consonants in Spanish.

Students as soon as they sign into the lesson will be sent material to practice before we meet in person. Therefore by the time the student comes to class will have previous knowledge of what will be practiced during the session. After the session has ended, students will be given an assignment to practice independently at home. I want them to practice what they learned during the session with me. The homework should not take more than 10 minutes to complete weekly.


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