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Deciding to teach

Who can teach on Yahzah?
Anyone can be a teacher! It’s free to sign up and list your online tranings.

How do I become a teacher for an online course?
You can create a listing for your online lessons by clicking the ‘Add Listing’ button on the top right corner of the menu. After you submit your training listing, it may take up to 72 hours for it to appear in search results.

What is the cost for teaching?
We only charge a 12% commission fee. No extra hidden fees or service charges.

Why am I being asked to add account details?
For teachers, we’ll ask you to provide additional account details and information. This is something that’s required to keep your payouts coming depending on the payout method you choose.

For everyone, teachers and students:
We will ask for your name, email address and a short bio about you so teachers and students get to know each other a bit more.

As a teacher, how can I check the status of a booking?
There are a few places to check the status of bookings or booking requests.
You can check booking status in the following places:

Pending Bookings
Approved Bookings
Cancelled Bookings

To get there step-by-step:
1. Log in into your Yahzah account
2. Click the ‘My Account’ button.
3. Select ‘Bookings’ from the drop-down menu.
4. On your left you’ll see where to click for Pending, Approved and Cancelled bookings.


How do I read and send messages?
Messaging on Yahzah is available for enquiries related to your online trainings or a special teaching request. All messages will appear in your inbox.

You must be logged in to your Yahzah account to read or send messages.

To read or send a message:
Go to ‘My Account’
Select ‘Messages’
Click on a message thread to read existing messages or a new one

To remove a message from your inbox:
Go to your Messages
Click the message thread you’d like to remove and select ‘Delete Conversation’

If a message makes you feel uncomfortable or someone tries to pay you outside of Yahzah, take a screenshot of the conversation and contact us immediately.

When you click on a message, you can read the conversation.

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