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How do I edit my online class listing preferences?
To edit your course listing preferences:

  1. Go to My Account on and select My Listings
  2. Click on Active, Pending on Expired, depending on the status of the listing you want to edit.
  3. Next to your online class listing, you will find the Edit listing button, click on it and start editing.

You will be able to add, edit or remove information regarding your online offer, features, pricing, availability and more.

How will my online listing’s location be shown on the map?
Students are able to see your listing’s exact location and address. You can choose how your listing’s location is shown to students by filling the following when creating your online listing:

Your Location: Type in your address and select the most accurate one. You can also drag the pin on the map where you’d like to show your location on the map.
Country: Type in and select your country.
City: Type in and select your city.

No matter how you decide yo fill your location information, you can always message your students to talk about your location and answer any questions they may have, in case your course is on-site. You can also change these settings at any time, for any listing.

How do I add the maximum capacity of students per online lesson?
To add the maximum capacity of students to your listing:

  • Go to Your listings on and select a listing
  • Click Edit Listing
  • Type in the maximum amount of students you accept per lesson in: Maximum Group Size

What do the different features types mean?
Yahzah listings are categorized into the following feature types:

  • Any size groups: You teach one-on-one, small and big groups.
  • Assigments: You leave assigments for your students to do after the lessons.
  • Certificate of completion: You provide a certificate of completion to your students after they are done with their classes.
  • Child friendly: It’s a course suitable for children.
  • Digital documentation included: You include digital documents that will be useful for the lessons.
  • Digital exercise included: You include digital exercises that will be accomplished during the lessons.
  • Digital files included: You included digital files that will be useful for your students.
  • Free assessment: Your provide a free test for students beforehand to understand their level.
  • Great for small groups: Your course is better for small groups.
  • Ideal for private courses: Your course is better as a one-one-one session.
  • Lesson notes: You provides notes that will be useful for your students.
  • Limited Support: You provide support after the course is done, for a limited time.
  • Personal training: Your lessons are customized to the student’s needs.
  • Study guide included: You provide a specific study guide for your students.
  • Suitable for all ages: This course is perfect for all ages.
  • Training Certificate: You provide a valid Training certificate to your student after they have completed their lessons.
  • Unlimited support: You provide support after the course is done, for unlimited time.
  • Weekday availability: You are available from Monday to Friday
  • Weekend availability: You are available during Saturday and/or Sunday.

Pick the features that best describe your online course so students know what to expect. As a teacher, you’re responsible for accurately describing your online listing, by both selecting the appropriate features and providing further details of the class in the description.

Are there any restrictions about what can be listed as an online lesson?
Yahzah welcomes many different kinds of course listings on our site as long as they meet the following criteria:

  • The listing is only used to advertise your online classes
  • The course, if it can also be taught on-site, needs to be specified. (We recommend online trainings due to COVID-19)
  • The listing is accurately represented and is bookable by the teacher
  • The listing is not in any way harmful or offensive.

If we discover a listing that doesn’t meet our guidelines, we may exercise our discretion to limit, suspend, deactivate, or cancel the teacher’s account. Refer to our Terms of Service for more information and other requirements for listing your course in Yahzah.

How should I choose my online listing’s price?
The price you charge per lesson is completely up to you. You can search for comparable listings online to get an idea of market prices.

Additional Fees
Extra student fee: You can add an extra student fee in your pricing settings:

  • Fill in the highlited areas and type in the price you will charge per extra student.

Yahzah is not responsible for the collection of payments that are not incorporated into your pricing on your behalf.

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