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How to Work From Home: 5 Tips To Succeed At It And Love It

How to Work From Home: 5 Tips To Succeed At It And Love It

Working from home is awesome… right up your neighbor, who you can only assume is building a Stargate, starts firing up all kinds of power tools and noisy machinery across the apartment complex.

The truth is that remote work is pretty perfect (at least as far as I’m concerned), but it’s not necessarily as easy breezy as outsiders sometimes think.

The lines between “home” and “office” can get pretty blurred, making it easy to get sucked down rabbit holes and get unproductive. That’s why we’ve compiled a bunch of great work-at-home tips and tricks from some of oue awesome coworkers at Yahzah.

1. Over-communicate

Communication is key to empower a highly effective remote workforce. When everyone tends towards over-communication, they feel empowered with context that enables them to feel a greater sense of ownership and work more independently towards big picture objectives. 

2. Choose or create a dedicated work space

Just because you’re working from home doesn’t mean you can’t have a nice office-away-from-the-office. It could be a certain desk, chair, terrace — a specific place that’s consistently your daily ‘work space.’ his practice will help you get into the right frame of mind.

3. Leave your pijamas in the bedroom

It can be tempting to stay in your Pijamas all day, but getting up in the morning and starting your work day the way you would if you were going to the office will surely boost your productivity.

The point is to just have something you wear for work that isn’t the same thing you wear to bed.

4. Set boundaries with social media

Social media is very accessible for us, and this convenience can hurt your productivity.

To counteract scrolling through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Reddit, remove them from your browser shortcuts or get a Pavlok to shock you whenever you open a social media website on your browser! Do whatever helps you reduce the temptation into taking too many social breaks during the day.

5. Take breaks!

Not having your coworkers around, means it will be easier to stay put in your desk, but it is alos unhealthy to do so for very long periods of time.

Make sure you set a timer or alarm to remind you to take a break to: get up from your desk and move around, grab more coffee, take a short walk, or move from one work station to another.

To wrap it up…

We hope you find these tip useful to stablish a better work-life balance. We know how difficult it is for many people to get started working from home. Here at Yahzah, we have been doing it for more than 10 years and we love it. 

Take a deep breath and stay safe!

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